Tramonto means sunset. It’s Italian, like the artist who painted the scene on our labels. We love sunsets. We also love stories, hence our attachment to Giorgione’s painting. Like all stories, this one is best told over a glass of wine…

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Three men walk into an Italian Renaissance painting at sunset, some time around 1505. What happens next?

There are two men in the foreground of the painting. The one who seems to be sitting comfortably is Saint Roch. Back in the day, he often showed up during a plague. The man on the ground is his loyal follower, Count Gothard, who at this moment is lancing a boil on the Saint’s leg. Guess he’s not so comfortable after all.

Then there’s the knight on a horse. What’s he doing to that… what is that? Well, he is Saint George and he’s doing what he does best: slaying a dragon. Maybe it’s just a baby dragon, or maybe it’s fully-grown and Game Of Thrones was way off the mark. We’ll never know.

On the far right, hard against the edge of the canvas, is a cave. Inside that cave is a figure, hiding in the shadows. He looks like a hermit, but actually he is Anthony the Great and he’s in that cave to meditate. He’s been there for years.

Tramonto is full of interesting characters. And so is the painting that appears on our labels.

We could waffle on for hours about the terroir here at Tramonto, and how our climate is just about perfect for the grape varieties we grow. But we figured you didn’t really want to hear about the weather.
“ Wine can be considered with good reason as the most healthful and hygenic of all beverages.” “
Louis Pasteur
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“ Drinking good wine with good food in good company is one of life's most civilized pleasures. “
Michael Broadbent